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Eddie’s Lil’ Homies

September 18, 2019

If you follow AFL you’ll know Eddie Betts. He’s one of a kind and a fully certified  magician with a football.

He’s also a proud Aboriginal Australian, and as a respected leader and positive role model Eddie treats others how he wants to be treated. He believes we are all capable of kindness and the more we act kindly the better our world will be.

My People, Eddie Betts’ second book for children, is all about sharing and educating kids on Aboriginal culture and our First Nations people and helping kids understand acceptance and equality.

Eddie wants all kids to be educated and have an understanding of his unique culture – dating back 60,000 years. Eddie is often asked to visit schools to share his knowledge and experience, and developing a resource to enable this is a dream come true.

As with My Kind, the first book in the Eddie’s Lil’ Homies series, My People also aims to make reading fun with rap or rhyme.

My Kind, Eddie Betts’ first book for children, is all about spreading kindness and the power and positivity we can create when people come together. Since the release of My Kind the kindness movement has grown with kids (and adults) of all ages joining the tribe and helping to spread kindness.

This hard case bound book was produced by Finsbury Green in the most sustainable way along with a custom made tag developed by our promotional products team in conjunction with Eddie.


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