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Achieving great member engagement

Opportunity: Statewide wanted to communicate electronically to their members about changes to their insurance offering, while achieving greater member engagement and saving postage costs. Reducing the cost of member communications would also allow Statewide to update member information and preferences to keep member fees low.

Scope: Statewide had previously informed their members they intended to move to electronic communications and explained the benefits, which included cost savings. The first foray had to be fully featured and impressive and needed to include

  • A personalised member email (eDM), directing them to their personalised website (PURL).
  • A PURL with landing and member product pages.
  • Streaming video.
  • Facebook Like Us link.
  • Printable version of the site.
  • Downloadable vCard including Statewide’s contact details and the member’s client number.
  • Member contact details update page.
  • Communication preferences page, allowing users to opt out.
  • Hard copies posted to members who did not want to receive eDM’s or were missing an email address.
  • Reporting on every action, including eDM and PURL interactions.

Solution: Finsbury Green’s technology AIM delivered on every requirement in the scope. Statewide’s creative agency developed the HTML design for all of the visual elements and Finsbury Green did the rest, including:

  • Project management (together with an online system that everyone could view).
  • Linked member data to Finsbury Green’s PURL and eDM engines.
  • Emailing all of the eDM’s.
  • Hosting the streaming videos.
  • Hosting the PURL’s within a scalable cloud environment.
  • Developing a vCard generator.
  • Linking to Facebook.
  • Capturing updated member details and provided these back to Statewide.
  • Reporting and analytics.

Due to the nature of the desired client experience, this project was very complex as demonstrated by this snapshot by the numbers:

  • 69,409 eDM’s
  • 98,469 letters posted
  • 84 unique experiences
  • 14 segments
  • 14 eDM designs
  • 14 personalised web pages
  • 9 data export tasks
  • 2 main campaigns (marketing and non-marketing)


  • The multichannel campaign was delivered on time and ahead of critical deadlines.
  • A single provider for both postal and electronic communications provided a unified member experience and reduced effort for Statewide’s marketing department.
  • There was very strong member engagement with high open rates of over 40% for the eDM.
  • Member feedback on the new personalised electronic experience was highly positive.
  • Statewide’s call centre received far fewer calls than expected from members who had issues with the new communication method.
  • Statewide significantly updated their member information and were able to save on postage and printing, while getting more relevant information to members.

Statewide’s members belong to a broad demographic and access a diverse range of products from Statewide. This makes it hard to create a single message that applies to everyone.

Using AIM, Statewide was able to craft 84 individual experiences that spoke to these groups directly, without receiving any information that wasn’t directly applicable to them.

Statewide is a leading industry fund with in excess of $6.5 billion in funds under management, 140,000 members and 18,000 employers who they help to manage their super obligations. Statewide is a long-term direct mail client of Finsbury Green.

Industry: Superannuation

Locations: Australia


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