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Paper and print industries launch effectiveness campaign

January 7, 2015

Companies across Australia have joined forces to launch the Value of Paper and Print (VoPP), an effectiveness campaign promoting paper and print as a strongly performing media channel.

Funded by TSA Limited, the same organisation who brought Two Sides to Australia, the VoPP campaign promotes all print media categories – Magazines, Newspapers, Direct Mail, Catalogues, Print Marketing and Letterbox.

The recently released Industry Report 2014 includes data and research from internationally renowned research agencies and commentators. The report focuses on the strength of print media across Efficacy, Path to Purchase, Brand, Return on Investment, In Situ and Sustainability disciplines.

Heading up the campaign is Kellie Northwood, Executive Director of TSA Limited. The VoPP campaign provides members, and in turn the industry, access to research, data, case studies and more that can be used within the sales process to demonstrate to existing or prospective customers why they should be investing their marketing budgets in print campaigns, Northwood says.

As an industry our main competitors are other media channels and we need to define our strengths with a common language when working with media buyers, marketers and brand owners. The VoPP campaign offers both quantitative and qualitative research to assist printers develop a compelling argument for print in their sales discussions.

The VoPP campaign does not suggest print is the only media channel, rather it is aimed at educating buyers on the important role print continues to play in delivering significant returns on marketing investment.

VoPP highlights print’s relevance in a landscape with a multitude of choices and assists marketers to use print most effectively within their multi-channel mix, says Northwood.

The report factually illustrates that the printed word is a critical part of multi-channel communications and puts users of its information on the front foot promoting its strengths.

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